Hospitality Home.

Supporting patients & families through the perdue hospitality home.

In 2014 the Perdue Hospitality Home, under the care of the Foundation, became operational to serve families of patients seeking services at Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems. It was not long ago that crews of volunteers helped to renovate the property in a hope that it would serve a new purpose. Today we are excited to say that the Perdue Home is more than serving a new purpose as a hospitality house. It touches the life of each person that walks through its door and provides some normalcy for people in their time of need visiting family or friends in the hospital.

If you find that you need lodging for a short or extended stay so that you can remain close to your loved one at Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems, reach out to your nurse at MCHHS or contact us at the Foundation at 785-738-9493 to determine availability and arrange for your reservation.

Scholarship Funds​

The Foundation currently awards scholarships on an annual basis from the below three funds. Select each scholarship below for guidelines, requirements and upcoming deadlines.

(Shelby needs to build out scholarship applications that link to PandaDoc for each of these)

Jordan, Nothern Shumate Healthcare Legacy Scholarship

Melvin File Memorial Scholarship

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Auxiliary Scholarship


Donors interested in supporting the Perdue Hospitality Home can contribute towards the Perdue Hospitality Home Fund. This fund will help ensure that the Perdue Home is sustained and available for families for generations to come.

The Foundation also offers a $50 sponsorship program that provides individuals and organizational donors the opportunity to choose a sponsored day in honor or memory of a loved one, special occasion or organization. Sponsorships help maintain a home-like environment for families of hospital patrons in their time of need.


How Can We Help?

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